Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Hairstyles for women over 50 can be difficult to figure out, especially when trying to duplicate the styles of our youth. Luckily, it’s not all that hard. We have all tried to achieve that “wow” effect with minimal results: pony tails, short bob cuts, textured bob cuts and layers, and permutations thereof. The key to good hair is layers:

Short Bob Cut

The Short Bob haircut is perfect for those who are naturally thin and have straight hair but would like to add some texture. If you have curly or wavy hair, the short bob will give you the effect you are looking for. Bobbed hair also adds volume and texture. The only downside to this look is that it can be quite difficult to do correctly without a practice haircut.

This is because you need to start with layers that are too long and put them up on one side to form a bob. Depending on your face size, this could take from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Grey Hair

Those with grey hair are often looking for youthful yet sophisticated hairdos. Gray hair can add a lot of sophistication to your hairstyle. The trick is to use the right hair color for the grey hair and highlight the patterns.

One of the most popular gray hair styles is to dye it a dark grey, but keep the color subtle. You can add detail with an abundance of styling products; you can also try an eyeliner to highlight the color.

Short Black Waves

If you want to add some waves to your hair without adding volume, then a short black wave would be perfect. Black can be monochromatic or in any color depending on your skin tone and facial features.

You can experiment with texturizing and blow drying your hair to give it a defined look. As a bonus, the waves will not be easily noticeable under a wedding veil.

Bob Cut

For women who are trying to get rid of their wrinkles, a bob haircut is the best option. Bob cuts are also great for those who are trying to add volume to their hair. The key to a bob cut is to leave the edges of the hair unkempt. This style is very casual but works well with skirts and dresses.

You can achieve an elegant look with this hairstyle by using extensions and flowers to bring out the shape of the haircut. However, avoid getting a long bob cut as this could appear gawk-like.


Most people think that bangs require fine hair but this is simply not true. If you have fine hair, then you can easily achieve cute and funky bangs. You can create a volume using a curling iron or a small hairdo curling tool.

To make your bangs appear high, pull them back using a large curling iron. You can also opt for adding crimps or flowers to give a more defined look to your bangs.

Curly Hair

Since women over fifty have thin hair, they tend to lose their natural texture. So, curly hair is the way to go. There are many hairstyles for women over fifty that use curly hair such as the textured wet bun, the banana split, the fish tail, and the cocoon.

These hairstyles will provide you with texture and body. Plus, they are very easy to care for.

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