Here’s Why You Need A Box Spring Mattress

Until recently, box springs were almost necessary when you bought a coil mattress. They help your mattress absorb shock and provide extra support. But today, that trend is changing, and box springs are not as necessary as they once were. They are still a valuable investment, though. They were originally built to add height and support to your bed. Read on to learn why you should put a mattress in a box.

They absorb shock:

Box springs are essential in supporting your mattress and reducing the shock it receives. A mattress that rests directly on the floor does not absorb shock and will wear out more quickly than one that rests on a box spring. This bed support absorbs shock and movement, allowing you to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Besides supporting your mattress, box springs keep your bed off the floor, preventing it from picking up dust and dirt. A box spring keeps your mattress from sagging and increases its lifespan.

They prevent sagging:

There are many ways to help box springs prevent sagging. One option is to place a wooden board between the box spring and the bed frame. This can provide additional support for the mattress foundation, reducing sagging and making it feel firmer. You can also purchase air bladders that you can place underneath the mattress.

Box springs are unnecessary for all mattresses, but most will do better with one. You can also purchase newer foam or latex mattresses without a box spring, but this will provide a different level of support and lead to more sagging. A box spring is also necessary for innerspring mattresses, as these have two sides, which can lead to sagging if they are not supported by a box spring.

They reduce wear and tear:

Box springs are important for your mattress because they reduce wear and tear. They also protect the mattress from body impressions. They are typically made of wood or metal and can be either plain or covered in fabric. They provide support for your mattress and improve airflow around it.

Box springs come in different heights, ranging from around four to nine inches. Choose the one that suits your bed and height. For example, if you have an adjustable bed, you might prefer a low-profile box spring. Regardless of your preference, both heights can enhance the aesthetics of your bed. Most box springs are designed to minimize wear and tear and extend the life of your mattress.