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How Do I Choose My Natural Hair Product?

How Do I Choose My Natural Hair Product

How do I choose my natural hair product? Choosing natural hair care products needs to be easy, right? Well, yes and no. Now firstly, choosing natural hair care products needs to be fairly easy. However, second, you really need to be an informed shopper in order to be able to make this decision.

Get hair looking good

Whether you’re an experienced natural or a brand new natural, at the heart of all that is hair are two basic objectives: to get hair looking good and to apply hair care products to it in such a way that they will be most effective. So how do you decide what’s best? First, start with what you already use on your hair.

For example, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products etc. Now list the main ingredients of each of these products, starting with the ones that are more likely to cause damage if applied excessively or in combination with another product.

Skin irritants

Some of the most common and problematic ingredients include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens (including butylated hydroxyanisole and propylenediamine), alcohols, fragrances and dyes. SLS and parabens are well-known skin irritants and they strip the hair of natural oils which, when washed away, dries and flakes.

Alcohols and fragrances are commonly found in cheap products and they too are drying and damage the hair. Dyes can cause permanent hair color changes, while natural oils and proteins help to keep hair moisturized.

First 5 ingredients

First of all, look for plant-based ingredients rather than animal-based ingredients. A good example is coconut oil, which can moisturize your hair, provide a soft protective barrier and, importantly, have no known negative effects. Next, look for a formulation with vitamins and minerals.

Look especially for vitamin E, as this is an excellent antioxidant that can help eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, hair-conditioning shampoos and conditioners with a high concentration of vitamins B, C and A will help strengthen the strands and help prevent frizziness and split-ends.

Deep conditioner

Next, I like to see a line of skincare products such as a deep conditioner, a deep moisturizer, a super absorbent finish gel and a keratin-based leave in conditioner. The deep conditioner is useful for regrowing damaged hair and adds luster; the moisturizer keeps the hair soft and supple and the super absorbent finishes the look.

The keratin-based leave in conditioner helps make your strands stronger and has proven benefits such as increased hair growth and more elasticity. Finally, the gel adds shine and fullness and prevents frizziness.

What about heat styling products?

You might think that a deep conditioner, moisturizer and leave in conditioner are enough but, in fact, using heat styling products can rob your strands of their natural moisture and leave them dull and dry. To avoid this problem, look for a spray or serum that helps to restore hair’s natural moisture.

Finally, don’t forget about detangling. I don’t recommend the use of micro-shaving tools because they frequently nick the scalp, taking the natural moisture out of your hair. Instead, use a detangling spray or serum. This helps restore your hair feeling and makes it shiny and vibrant.

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