Hair Types

How To Determine Your Hair Type?

How To Determine Your Hair Type

How to determine your hair type? Your hair type can be easily determined by the curl pattern of your hair. The distribution of curl pattern largely depends on the structure of your hair follicles. Symmetrical or oval-shaped follicles give way to curly hair. There are basically main hair types namely:


A comb is the most common hair types used today. It has a narrow handle, which helps in combing and separating hair into two portions. Other factors that influence its popularity are:


These are usually curly, but with an optional fringe on the end. They look cute with any hairstyle, and are also a part of classic styling. The most prominent characteristic of braided hair is the tendency of locks to curl over the face. This is known as the ‘braid mark’ and can make anyone very embarrassed if they are caught wearing their braid!


Those with wavy hair tend to have fine, thin strands that slide through the palm of the hand easily. Their density is low and they have medium density hair strands. Those with wavy hair are prone to frizziness and static.


Those with curly hair have large, wide-eyed curls. They are characterized by their high level of body and volume. The natural coiffure of curly people is curly. However, there is the possibility of excessive body and volume accumulation resulting in an unkempt appearance. Also, if you dye your hair too often, then you might also end up having curly locks.


Those with straight hair fall into this category. It’s important to note that straight hair doesn’t have to be straight! In fact, many stylists use extensions and hair extensions to give people with straight hair the ‘curly’ look. In terms of texture, straight hair falls into the medium density category. It has tiny gaps between its curls and it is usually dry. It looks great with bangs swept to one side or the other.


Those with wavy hair have large, round-shaped curls. They are characterized by their softness and volume and their natural coiffure is curly. Those with wavy hair are prone to frizziness and static. Their hair is usually dry. They are great with straight or curly hair, depending on the texture.


Those with coiled hair are classified as either naturally curly or naturally straight. In terms of texture, they have curls and their coiffures have gaps between them. Those with coiled curls have a lot of body; wavy texture, which give s-shaped curls, and curly hair, which give curls varying body.


This hair type is coarse in texture but can be textured. There are many possibilities for those with this hair type. Some people have fine, thin hairs and others have thick, coarse ones that make their hair look coarse. The coarseness of the hair may determine its curl pattern. Some people may have wavy or curly hair and others may have straight or coiled hair. The hair may also look coarse when wet.


Those with a wide hair type have wavy or curly hair and the texture is soft. Their coarseness can range from very coarse to very soft. The coarseness of the hair may also determine its curl pattern. Those with finer hair texture have finer hair; therefore, those with coarser coarseness are considered coarse. People with a wider hair care type may have wavy or curly hair and may have more volume than those with a thinner hair type.

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