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What Products Keep Hair Straight?

What Products Keep Hair Straight

A common question with beauty conscious women is: what products keep hair straight? This can be a difficult question to answer because the answer may vary depending on your type of hair, or even on the type of hair you are trying to straighten. For example, if your hair is naturally curly, products designed to straighten it may not work very well, while those designed to add bounce and volume to it may work miracles.

Therefore, if you suffer from frizzy, unmanageable hair, a good way to straighten it is to use a shampoo that adds body and volume.

Dry Hair

Adding body and volume to dry hair is as easy as using a product specifically designed for this purpose. There are many great ones out there; just do a search for them online and you will find a list of products to choose from. Some of them include: Coconut Oil by Dr. Perricone, Instant Smooth by Donna Karan, and Bumble by Paula Begley.

All of these shampoos work well with naturally curly or wavy hair. There are other solutions such as straightening irons but they are not as effective as the ones that contain coconut oil and other substances that work towards making your hair straight.

Silky and Shiny Hair

Adding shine to your hair is as easy as applying a product specifically designed for this purpose to the root of your hair. Products such as: Miss Dresses by Dr. G, Thickening Spray by Estee Lauder, and Oilspray by Clarisonic are just a few to choose from.

If you suffer from limpness, limp strands, or extremely dry hair, coconut milk will provide the moisture your scalp needs to help prevent frizz. Coconut milk also helps to condition your hair naturally and adds body and volume.

Frizz Control

Many women experience unmanageable frizzes during the summer months. Add extra frizz control to your shopping list by purchasing Pantene’s Spray & Go frizz control spray. Pantene’s Spray & Go frizz control spray will help keep frizz under control throughout the day, without over-drying your hair.

This is a great alternative to hair straightening products like Pantene’s famous flat iron.

Straightening Your Hair With a Hair Mask

A hair mask works great for those who wish to add shine and life to their hairstyles. Simply apply the hair mask to damp hair and then brush wet hair with your fingertips until the mask is completely covering your hair.

Then rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water. Repeat with the second half of your hair. Once your hair is coated in a hair mask, you’re all set for hours of sleek and healthy straightening.

Flat Ironing Your Hair

You don’t need professional grade hair straighteners to get gorgeous, straight locks, even when you’re at home! Simply use a simple flat iron to style your hair and keep it straight.

Flat irons are safe to use on wet hair, so there’s no need to worry about damaging your hair in any way. Using a flat iron on a regular basis is also a great way to save money, so you can buy more than one to keep your costs down.

If this is the case, try a styling product that helps to add body and volume to your hair, like Pantene’s Cascara Volumizing Conditioner.

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